Infrastructure Condition Assessment ICA

An accurate and high-quality assessment and evaluation of the railway track condition using modern measurement and analysis methods is the prerequisite for technical and economic decisions on determining the condition of the infrasctructure. We carry this out for you.

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We offer four different performance levels for this purpose:

Infrastructure Measurement Data Acquisition IMDA

State-of-the-art measurement systems are used to record relevant track data. The data that is crucial for determining the condition of the infrastructure and its components is classified, located and stored in a cloud, enabling real-time access worldwide.

Rail Data Science & Analytics RDSA

The measurement data is analysed and interpreted by combining scientific methods and algorithms developed specifically for the purpose of describing the track condition. The results thus obtained serve as a basis for decision-making for railway management.

Predictive Maintenance Model Customisation PMMC

Based on existing analyses and diagnoses, tailor-made predictive maintenance concepts are developed for the track, with which significant cost reductions can be achieved. The economic advantages of predictive maintenance can be further enhanced by combining it with services from the Infrastructure Maintenance Operations (IMO) sector.

Long-Term Asset Management Optimisation LAMO

Customised development of strategies and roadmaps for the long-term optimisation of necessary investments in capital-intensive railway track systems. For this purpose, results from analyses, the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) as well as benchmarks and experiences on life cycle costs of the components are combined.


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