Technical Market Research TMR

To make the best possible technical and economic decisions with regard to the railway infrastructure, our customers need high-quality information on the infrastructure equipment and its life cycles. For this purpose, we develop customised, high-quality detailed market studies.

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In this area, we differentiate between four different performance levels:

Best Practice Asset Benchmark BPAB

A study of the most modern technical solutions available on the market in the area of railway track systems for their optimal use in relation to the existing systems of our customer. We compare the available technical solutions and show, in a short evaluation, how the infrastructural potential can be optimised.

Best Practice Operation Benchmark BPOB

Based on your needs, we analyse and compare different maintenance criteria, strategies and processes. Special attention is paid to their applicability and adaptability to the client's specifications.

Current International Regulation Benchmark CIRB

We survey the current laws, standards and regulations that are mandatory or proposed for the analysed railway infrastructure and conduct studies on possible approval and certification procedures for the application of new technical solutions or new maintenance processes.

Technical Infrastructure Enhancement Planning TIEP

Investigation of the potential and implementation possibilities of increasing the capacity of the existing railway track. In the course of the study, different technical solutions, work processes, necessary investments and time schedules of the planned project are analysed, evaluated and compared with the potential increases in terms of capacity and yield.


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